Creekside Valley Farm
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The Ernst Family
About Creekside Valley Farm
Scott and Tracy Ernst and our children Natalie and Eli moved to the farm in 2011. Our children are the 5th generation to be living on the family farm located in Mequon. Scott grew up watching and learning from his Grandparents, Walter and Hildegard Peuschel. His Grandparents and Family worked together for 25+ years where they enjoyed growing pumpkins, talking with the families that came to visit and were blessed each year as they harvested the crops off the fields. 
Now we are proud to follow in their footsteps. We opened Creekside Valley Farm for our 1st pumpkin season in September of 2015. Although both Scott and Tracy maintain outside jobs, we pull together as a family. We are blessed with amazing extended family and friends who lend a helping hand and work hard during the summer planting time and the fall harvest season. We don't mind the work since it is our passion, it is also fun for us as a family. We consider ourselves blessed as we don't consider ourselves owners of the farm but caretakers. Similar to prior generations, we take pride that we are able to take care of the farm for the next generation and we are having a great time as we are creating not only memories for our children but also for the families who come and visit. 
Committed to providing our customers with affordable prices and the freedom to enjoy the farm.