Creekside Valley Farm
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Creekside Cornmaze Fun and Snack Shack
Feel like getting lost for a bit? Do you like Trivia?  Enter our corn maze and find opportunities for both. Our corn maze is about 5 acres of curves and dead ends, but if you know your trivia you may have a better chance of getting out quicker. As you follow the paths you will answer trivia questions to help guide your way. Be careful if you answer incorrectly, you will find yourself in a dead end. 
Admission for the corn maze is $6.00 per person. 3 years and under are free. 
We also offer a few treats on the farm that include, Flavored Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Sprecher Flavored Sodas and Sparkling Waters, Cider and Water.  Just visit the snack shack near the corn maze entrance for these tasty treats. 
Photo by Worzella Photography